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May I introduce to you… TLV:VIE

During my stay in Tel Aviv I spent a lot of time with discovering local food and restaurants with my Israeli friend Gila. A great and inspiring reunion! We neither could stop talking, nor eating. After couple of years of cyber friendship, the real life had us back and being together just felt great and normal. We did not even feel a whit of distance, although we haven’t seen each other for years. Have you ever experienced such an encounter? I felt that this is special and should be kept because we both enjoyed it a lot. Therefore, we decided to stay closer in contact and exchange our ideas on a regular basis. That’s why I would like to introduce to you our new joint project: TLV:VIE. Tel Aviv : Vienna

TLV:VIE. Food is essential. Food can make you dance a happy dance. Food can be simple, right or wrong. Food is fuel for body and soul. Food unites people. Food united us: Bianca & Gila.

Pretty Foodist, Gila!

Pretty Foodist, Gila!

We met while backpacking across Guatemala. Now one of us is in Vienna, while the other is in Tel Aviv. Stay tuned, every other Sunday, to see in TLV:VIE what we will eat next.

Cooking, eating and loving life by destiny, traveling around the world by curiosity, Bianca decided to live in Vienna and spread her food-words there.

After traipsing around the world for a while, Gila has carved out a little corner for herself in Tel Aviv, where she writes, edits and bakes pie. It’s pretty decent pie, even though sometimes it ain’t pretty.

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